Current Policies

Standing Orders

The main rules governing the way the Parish Council is run.

Financial Regulations

The main rules governing the finances of the Parish Council.

Code of Conduct

The rules governing the conduct of members of Pembury Parish Council.

Publication Scheme

The rules governing information provided to members of the public.

Complaints Policy

How to complain to the Parish Council and how your complaint will be handled.

Health and Safety Policy

This policy shows how the Council aims to protect members of the public, employees and Members.

Press Policy

The rules governing the Council’s liaison with the press.

Reporting of Meetings

Any person may film, audio record or take photographs of, and report on, the proceedings of any part of a meeting which the public are entitled to attend by law.

Social Media Policy

Details of the rules governing the use of the Council’s Social Media profiles.

Learning and Development Policy

Details of the Council’s policy and objectives regarding training and learning and development.

Equality and Diversity Policy

The framework for how the Council provides equality and fairness throughout its remit.

Terms of Reference

Amenities, Christmas Lights and Pride in Pembury (incl Public Relations) Working Group